Message From Principal

Dr. Leena Shukla


[email protected]

The ayurved environment surrounding India have undergone major changes over the last several years. In this era of revolutionary changes in Ayurveda, Indian Institute of Ayurved Research & Hospital (IIARH) envisions the future of society by supplying natural treatment for several deases. By taking an approach where we "navigate" our society to meet their goals and provide them with solutions.

Our Institute’s goal is the development of Human Resources by spread of education and improving the quality of education for Nation Building. And like to play a lead role in the development of a sustainable health system for the communities we serve.

The College subscribes to a common philosophy about human beings, life, health and health care education and practice that encompasses the Ayurvedic principles. The College staffs believes that humans are dynamic, holistic beings with intricate worth having biophysical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs which are uniquely experienced and expressed within the cosmic laws.

With our strong teamwork we have successfully completed major camps in several rular areas across Saurashtra region. We continue to enhance our strengths, providing high-quality, and earning the continuous trust from our society.

We always work with goal to improve the quality of life for our patients by providing excellent, safe health care services which help us to build a worldclass workforce, recognized for its skills and level of engagement and founded on a culture of achievement, education, training and development